Friday, April 18, 2008

Finally moving to Georgia!

Like the title says- we are finally moving to Georgia, just not the Atlanta area or back to the church.This is the story... Kris has had his eyes on a transfer closer to home since he started working for the BOP, we just figured that it would take a few years. Not so... he will be reporting to Jesup, Ga in June! We are both very happy about this move. It is funny how God puts you where he wants you to be, just in his timing. Kris will still be doing chaplaincy for the BOP, same position and same pay, just closer to what we think of as home. It will put me closer to my dad- about 2 1/2 hours, and a little closer to Kris' parents. So folks- we are for real moving this time from Mississippi.

Please keep us in your prayers, cause as you know I am due July 22nd. So basically the plan is that the girls and I are going to live with my dad in FL and have the baby there and then move to Jesup in time for Katie to start school. I am having to put my homeschool aspirations on hold till we get baby K a little bit older. So here is what we ask you pray for
- Sale of our house
- Easy Move and transition
- Place for Kris to live temporarly in Jesup
- Delivery and Birth of Baby K
- Be able to find a house to buy before Katie starts school in August

It is alot of ask for, but God will make it all work out, even if it isn't quite like we would like it. One way or the other this baby is coming and Kris has to be to Jesup in June- those things are certain!

Thanks for your prayers and we will keep you updated as our journey progresses. I must say that I am always amazed as to how the Lord provides for us in ways we couldn't ever image. He is such a great and awesome God.

Katie in her ballet and tap outfit
Karoline rocking away


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