Friday, April 24, 2009

A good picture

You know, taking a picture of three children 5 and under is always a task. I really do dread it. You get them dressed up so pretty with the fear of something horrible happening to their outfit before you get the picture taken or you get to the event (usually church) that you dressed them up for. Easter was a good time to try and get one of those much needed pictures of the girls- all together, dressed so cute, with bows in their hair and all smiling perfectly on cue. Yeah right! It took me about 20 shots of this picture and then I just gave up and took the best I had. The two I am showing are the ones that I thought best described our picture taking event. It is all for memories and each picture taking event is a memory that I will never forgot. Karoline's hand to her head pose expresses my feelings exactly. It was worth it all though, looking back at those pictures gave me a good belly laugh!


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