Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Joshie is 2!

Poor, poor, Josh. I never even blogged on his birth! I will get around to that one day, before I forget how he came into this world. But for now, he is TWO!

A little about Joshua Houston Mullis.

He is just plain cute.
Dimples- enough said.
A smile, wave and loud "BYE BYE" for everyone

In the past few months he has become a bit more...
demanding (he wants it NOW)
violent (likes to throw and hit)

He thoroughly enjoys following Jay around and doing whatever big brother is doing (or into).

He is still very sweet and loving. I enjoy the few minutes I get when he wakes up in the morning and insists on sitting with me while he drinks his morning coffee (well- milk). He is a snuggler and a hugger.And I hope he stays that way.

Overall, Joshie, as we call him, is a blessing and a lot of fun, not to mention entertaining.


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