Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Karoline's First Birthday!

Karoline is now a year old. My how time does fly. Today as I was checking the video camera I found the tape of Katie's first birthday and it brought back such sweet memories of when she was a baby and just starting to toddle around- it really seems like yesterday. And now Karoline is a year old and has went from wobbly walking last week to practically running this week. She has learned in the past two days to open the gate that keeps her in the living room and then she trots as fast as she can to the back of the house! Once again she has outsmarted us and we must find another way to keep her contained. But that is the fun of watching them grow.

Here are some pictures of Karoline's party. We hope you all enjoy them.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Yes, I have fell down on my job of keeping this blog updated!! Please pray for me as I feel like I just can't seem to get ahead in the house keeping right now- I mean does laundry ever end!! Well, I wanted to share some pictures of the girls from Halloween and a pumpkin patch. They are growing so fast- which is to be expected. Karoline is walking now and has five teeth and two of them on the top look like fangs! She doesn't have her two front teeth yet- just the ones next to them. Katie is doing well and is keeping me busy as she really likes to use water for all her pretend cooking project now- so I have been finding water everywhere!

Hope everyone is not getting to tired and stressed with Christmas upon us. I pray that we all are able to slow down and REALLY focus on Jesus' birth and not get caught up in the commercialization of our Holy Day. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

You know kids just say the funniest things. Here are two that Katie has just wowed us with today- just today- that doesn't count all the other times she has about made us pee our pants. Well, as usually with any conversation these days, Katie puts her input in and explains how she knows everything about whatever the subject. Well today as Kris and I were talking she told us that she knew everything just like God! Well, Kris proceeded to give her a long diatribe about how she was not God and did know the number of stars in the sky or the hairs on her head, and finally got her to admit that she did not know as much as God. Then tonight as Kris was putting her to bed- she and Kris got into an extensive argument over where the Old and New Testament were. Now Kris tried to wow her with his degrees and even got out another bible (she reads the picture bible) to show her the word OLD and NEW testaments in attempts to convince her. Neither worked and she still insisted- by saying okay dad be quiet, let me talk, now this is the New Testament (pointing to the front half of the bible) and this is the Old Testament (point to the back). So... Katie knows everything- in her own mind. Boy to look forward to those teenage years. Well, that is the joy of children and blessings that come with them. Please pray for us as we continue in our challenge of convincing Katie that she doesn't know everything.

Karoline on the other hand, can't tell us that yet, but I am sure she is not far behind her sister. She is very very mobile and on Katie's heels most of the time. She is getting quite a temper also and isn't as willing to let Katie take toys from her anymore and is getting more likely to take them from Katie. She has cut some teeth and has boycotted jarred baby food, so I am now on the "make it yourself" baby food kick, which is actually more healthy anyways. She is so different from Katie and that really amazes me. I never had to put locks on cabinets or really baby proof outlets and such. Not with Karoline, the outlets are the first things she goes for and she loves the oven!! Boy, it is so true about every child being different.

But life is good and God is always good to us.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Katie is 4

The month of July was lots of fun and lots of work. Starting with the fun, Katie had her fourth birthday and says it was her "funist" birthday yet. Poor thing was sick on her party day, but she still wanted cake, ice cream and birthday presents.

On her actual birth- day we took her to a place called Libby Lu and she had a Libby Du which made her into Hannah Montana. She had a blast. Got her hair and make up done. Wish they had one of those when I was a kid!

We also got what Kris like to call the "ghetto" pool. It is really great though! Katie has loved it and so has Karoline. And yes, Kris and I like to swim in the three feet of water too. It sure helps with the HOT Mississippi summer.

Karoline has really been moving around this last month. Around the middle of July she started crawling and know you can't keep her out of ANYTHING!! She especially like Katie's toys and being right where Katie is at. She has started clapping too, which is so cute. They grow up so fast.

Please pray for us, I will start homeschooling Katie this month. We are both excited to begin. She is a quick learner, just a bit stubborn now and then, don't know where she gets that from- certainly not me. She is also going to start dance class and she can't wait.

And for the work, well you know how it is unpacking. Thank the Lord it is pretty much done and I can actually get the van in the garage! Kris has been working hard to get everything put up and together. Now we being all the honey do's, which I know he is so looking forward to.

Monday, July 9, 2007

The 711

We are finally moved in- for the most part, and we are ready to get scorched in the HOT Mississippi summer. We have plenty of boxes left to unpack and a uhaul truck load still left at Kris' parents, but we are here and it feels great!! We love the house and as we get things fixed up we will show you before and afters. Right now we still have quite a bit of painting to do and wallpaper to strip, but the house is perfect and we are so thankful for it.

Here are the latest photos of the girls. Katie is loving her swimming class and is doing great- she is like a fish! Karoline is about ready to crawl, just waiting for her to push off. She is really getting a cute little personality and loves playing with her big sissy. Her newest endevour is
taking a bath with Katie.

Here is one of Katie showing off her Bulldawg tatoo- That's for you Daddy!
This is one of the girls with their "Big Jim"

This is Karoline with her spoon. This is turning out to be one of her favorite toys.

As I watch our two girls grow I am just overwhelmed by how blessed we are by God to have such a wonderful life! The Lord is so good. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

On the road again

Moving on- again!! Well only about four miles down the road that is. We will be closing on a house the end of this month- Lord willing- and we are all excited. Our home inspection went well, so we shall see, but here is a picture along with some new ones of the girls.

So, here's the story of the house for all who want to read a bit...
We are renting from a man who is a great Christian man and former VP of Promise Keeper and now is running a men speaking ministry where he sets up pretty big Christian conferences for men. Well, with all of that work, he is trying to sell of his rental properties. He had a few come open that we looked at but they just wouldn't work for our family- until- the 711 house come up (that is the address) and it is perfect- perfect price, perfect size, perfect neighborhood. We are thrilled. We really expected to be renting for another year (and our rental is small- Kris says he has to go outside to change his mind), but as providence will have it - Lord willing I say- we will be in the house the end of June- AMAZING!

The girls are doing great. Katie is having lots of fun learning to swim, well, sometimes she has lots of fun sometimes she gets upset, but she says she's having fun. Nothing like a stranger to take you and dunk you under the water several times to ruin your day! But she is doing well considering. Karoline is moving all over. She has quite a humerous scoot that moves her anywhere pretty fast. We expect her to be crawling soon. She can get up on her arms good and get her butt in the air, just not at the same time. She is sitting up unsupported for the most part and loves to grab a handful of hair- I am seriously thinking of going back to the pixie cut.

That all of now folks!

This is Karoline with my dad when we visited him in Florida. He now has two little bulldog girls.

Friday, May 4, 2007

This has been quite a week! Katie started her swimming lessons this week and as usual she was the biggest kid in her group and had to splash after being told not to- that's our girl! Kris is taking her to swimming lessons and he said she really did great and had a lot of fun.

Amazingly, there is actually a swimming school here! We feel like were uptown with all these amenities. Never before have we lived so close to everything, it is great but strange at the same time- Kris and I still haven't quite gotten used to having Walmart just 2 miles away.

Karoline did the cutest thing this week and I hope the picture shows it well enough- she found her tongue! She has been sticking her tongue out for the past few days and it is so funny. We have also advanced up to learning the sippy cup and she is doing really well with it.

I must say life is never dull or quiet in the Mullis household and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Milestones

These past few weeks have been really exciting as Karoline has been changing. She has mastered rolling over and is hillarious to watch as she does it. She also has begun cereal, and although she makes a horrid face when she eats, she does get it down. Next week we will start some tasty food. She has also graduated up to the saucer. We have had her in the bumbo seat, but she literally tries to flip herself out of it, so I got the saucer out and she really likes it.

Katie is being a great big sister, always wanting to help. She even has fed her a little, but thinks Karoline is really gross when she eats so she tries to stay away from her. We signed Katie up for swimming lessons that will start the beginning of May, so she is thrilled.

Hope you all enjoy our latest pictures of the girls.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Girls

Since our move, our lives have drastically changed, but for the better. Karoline is such a sweet baby and has a good temperament. I get plenty of sleep at night and time to spend with Katie one on one. I must say it takes a little planning to spend good quality time with Katie. We do "school work" and she is able to spell and write her name along with other letters and numbers, although we haven't mastered them all yet. Friday she goes to FBC Madison for mothers morning out and if she has a good day we bake chocolate chip cookies (finally found a good chewy cookie recipe) and have recently added finger nail painting day to our Friday agenda- although Katie would prefer to get her nails done at walmart, where she told Kris she wanted a pedicure :).

Karoline just this week began rolling over (back to belly) and found her feet. It is just so amazing how God gave these little ones the ability to change so quickly and learn new things so they can become "big kids" as Katie calls them. Every time Karoline or Katie does something new it just thrills me to now end and I love it and love being a mom- it is the best job in the world! I just thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to have such wonderful kids and an awesome husband. Life is good. Enough of me blabbing- here are some more pics of the girls to keep you up to date.

And Ema- Katie says hello and loves your pictures on your mommy's blog!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Life in Mississippi

Well, we have finally settled in here in MS. Kris had a three week school with the bureau in March and thank the Lord we will be staying put for a long time!! Mississippi is great, pretty much like Ga., maybe a little hotter, but same old pollen. Katie and Karoline are growing so much that I just am amazed at all they both do. Katie has been going to a Mothers Day out on Fridays and really enjoys it. She also has a new friend- Rocky- her pet rock. She found him outside all by himself and now he lives with us- eats with us, watches tv with us, and even takes a bath with Katie. But I drew the line at sleeping in the bed. She is so funny- this age is just great- she really keeps Kris and I laughing all the time. She has also mastered the computer and her V-smile video game. It is sad when you have to fight with getting on the computer with a three year old!

Karoline has been changing so much. She found her feet this week and has not stopped looking for them since. I have to really watch her because she well lift up and bend herself over in her car seat looking for her feet. She is a very solemn child though. We had her pictures taken this week and not a one of them would she smile in! Each child is different and I certainly believe it. I have a feeling Karoline is going to be the shy, reserved one and Katie our little ham.

Kris is loving the prison. His voice mail on his phone says, "sorry I can't take your call I am in prison right now, but I will get back to you as soon as I get out." I think he has finally found the niche God made him for. He is quite happy doing this and his gerd is not keeping him up a night.

That is all of our news for now. Check out our latest pictures.


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