Thursday, December 29, 2011

And now he walks7

It took him longer than his sisters, but Baby Jay is now walking!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Baby Jay is One!

When I look back on how life was a year ago, it is amazing to see the difference. Our life isn't that much different, but I am always in awe of how God grows babies. Jay has changed so much over the last year and now he is a bounding, busy little boy. He is very fun loving and enjoys his sister tremedously- but who wouldn't. He gets so excited when they all get "going" if you know what I mean. And he has quickly learned how to be heard in our house. Jay has a very sweet disposition and is easy to calm when he get fussy. Just recently he has become a wonderful sleeper and has been putting himself to sleep at night.

As everyone told me, boys are so much more different than girls. And I am learning the truth in that. He is very different, and I am so thankful God made our personalities and temperaments so different. I look forward to seeing how Jay's personality will develop, and pray that God, through the Holy Spirit, will mold him into a man after His heart.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Karoline is 5

Sweet Karoline is 5 today. Wow, I really can't believe it has been five years since God gave her to us. She continues to live up to her name and is a sweet little lady. And she is all little lady too. Karoline is by far the "girlieist" of our girls. She loves anything pink and would chose a dress or twirly skirt over jeans any day. She has recently gotten into the "gross" mode. For instance, if she enters the bathroom that has a peculiar smell she will dance a bit of a jig and let the house know how stinky the bathroom is. And then ask if some of Katy's spray can be sprayed in it to make is smell nicer. She also has a very low tolerance for anything that appears to be "gross" i.e vomit, spit up, dog messes, or anything sticky left on the kitchen table. When I say low tolerance, I mean very low, to the point of her beginning dry heaves.

Yes, we all love our sweet Karoline. She is very compassionate, and will quickly go out of her way for her sisters (on most occasions). She is very sharing and expects it in return. But the thing I love the most about her is the way she loves to tell others she loves them. I hear it from her several times a day and for no apparent reason either.

But I am making a prediction- she will be high maintenance to whoever God has picked out for her husband.

Monday, December 12, 2011

A look at November

 The girls got crafty with some Spanish moss (which gave Katy a plethora of red-bug bites), berries and leaves from my mom's lilies (she would not have approved).

We all had a great time a Papa's house in Florida. The weather was perfect for staying outside from sun up to sun down. I also got some great pictures of the kids too. My favorite thing to do at my dad's house is to hang out on the screened in back porch, rocking in the old rocking chairs, chatting with whoever is around and watching the kids have a ball. Great way to spend Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Santa Claus Conspiracy

Katy is a thinker.

She was been very distrubed lately trying to figure out Santa Claus. Yes, we do the Santa stuff. Not big time though and over the past few years we have been celebrating St. Nicholas Day (Dec. 6th) and that has really been planting seeds to lead them to ask these very questions. I am really shooting myself in the foot more or less.

So...Katy asked Kris and I these questions

1. Is Santa real? I think he might not be real.
2.  I know God didn't create fairies, and by the way I know there isn't a tooth fairy. So if He didn't create fairies then why would he create someone who has lived a really long time and flies around?
3. And if Santa isn't real then you are lying and that is sin.

But she did tell us that she wouldn't tell the other kids and spoil the fun for them. You see when I told her there wasn't an Easter Bunny- she found her friend at church and quickly told her their wasn't an Easter Bunny- after being advised not to do so. We shall see if she breaks it to Karoline or not.

Friday, December 2, 2011


Restless babies at night always have a purpose (as does everything). So tonight, my restless one was in need of rocking during Charles Stanley's message. Hmmm. I think God was orchestrating something for me. He likes to use the radio with me for some reason.  Providence is such beautiful thing.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Now he claps

Today, Jay clapped for the first time! At first, I started to think it was just a reflex and then he did it a bit later in the day. All us girls got so excited for him (Kris was at work, obviously). We hooped and hollered and clapped for his latest accomplishment.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Beautiful Autumn

 I look for any reason to get up to the mountains this time of year. For a special surprise to the girls, we took them to Blue Ridge to go apple picking and exploring.
 An amazing view of the fall foliage from the top of Amicalola Falls

 Pink Lady Apples are a new favorite!

Mercier Orchards has such picturesque views. I couldn't pass up this tree showing off it's changing leaves.

Monday, October 17, 2011

First words

Whether deliberate or not, "mamamamamamamama" has been on Jay's lips for the past few days.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Katy is 8!!

 This is a bit dated because I wrote it back when Katy turned 8, which was in July. I am very lax in getting it posted!

Katy informed me that she is now a "tween." A what? Run that by me again. She evidently saw it in our Focus on the Family magazine- so from now till 12 she is a "tween" and quite proud of it! Leave it to Katy to be politically correct :)  

My how Katy has blossomed this year. She has always been such a sweet child, but this year he mothering side has truly grown. She is a huge help to me around the house doing chores that help to keep the house running. She has learned to do a bit of cooking, laundry, and house cleaning. Now, don't get me wrong, she is not always thrilled to do them, but for the most part she is willing. Her favorite thing to do around the house is to organize and schedule! She had made more of the Maxwell's schedules than I can count. That will definitely come in handy years to come.

She has developed an interest in the Little House series of book and has is almost finished with them. She devours books- making goals to read chapter books in one day and usually she meets those goals! She has done so well this year past in 2nd grade, making all A's, which was another one of her goals. She is joy to teach and always has thought provoking questions that get me thinking.

Katy's favorites...
- webkinz
- The Payday game
- Planning events
- Organizing the house (which gets her into trouble at times)
- Reading, reading, reading
- Learning new crafts- sewing, knitting, crosstitch to name a few

What a great and joyous year as she grows more and more into a little lady. I am excited to see how the Lord continues to shape and mold her. She is such a blessing to us!

More Milestones for Baby Jay

Jay is now 9 months and growing at a tremendous rate of speed! He started crawling back a month ago and since then he is going non-stop. He starting pulling up at about 8 1/2 months, so now he cruising the couch, crib, pack-n-play, pretty much anything that he can pull up on.

With all his moving, he is having equal movement in his mouth! He has already had three bottom teeth come in and is currently cutting his 4 top teeth! He is the only one to not cut his top teeth in vampire style.

Growing, growing.... won't be long until we celebrate his 1st birthday!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Klaire is 3!

My how quickly the time passes, but little baby Klaire is now three. She was quite decisive on what she wanted for her birthday. When asked, she quickly said a princess bike and a big pooh book. Wow, could it get any easier! So Kris made it happen. She had a great birthday, starting it off at chick-fil-a for breakfast and to play at the playset (which we don't normally do- germs you know) then a quick trip to publix earned her a balloon- how I love publix! To end the day, she had cupcakes at church with her class. All in all she had a great day and one that was just about her!

Speaking of all about her....

At two she became funnier, friendlier, and more stubborn.
She likes to give hugs, dance around, and annoy her sisters.
Klaire says things like, "love you too", "no way!", and "no I not!!!"
Here favorite things are her bunny (who is cleverly named bunny), blocks, and her sisters toys- especially the ones they are presently playing with.

She is a ton of fun and ball of fire and we thank God for such an amazing child He has entrusted to us.


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