Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little House in our Big Woods

 Katy has been sporting this bonnet for a while now. It fits her perfectly! It is one from an outfit my mother had made me for old fashion day at church- many many years ago. She can't quite wear the dress yet- but it won't be long.
 I am not sure what Karoline was trying to do, but it was helping the family get food for the winter or maybe the summer- I can't remember. She was doing her part all the same.
And Klaire... I think she was trying to paint these boards (from the swingset Kris build for Christmas). Red Georgia clay works well for many outdoor adventures. So does left over wood.

So this is how it breaks down-

Katy is Mary, Karoline is Laura, and Klaire is Carrie. Jay is sometimes Jack the bulldog. I told Katy that Jay could not be baby Fredrick (who died at about a year old) so he is resigned to being Jack the bulldog. They play their roles well and they all get into the act- and they want Kris and I to get into it and call them by their characters name. Of course, we are Ma and Pa.

Lots of fun :) I love their imaginations- it makes me smile.

A Perpective From the Kids

The girls love the camera and like to grab it when I am not looking. Here are a few pictures from their view of our world.

Photos courtesy of Karoline and Klaire Mullis


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