Friday, March 30, 2007

Life in Mississippi

Well, we have finally settled in here in MS. Kris had a three week school with the bureau in March and thank the Lord we will be staying put for a long time!! Mississippi is great, pretty much like Ga., maybe a little hotter, but same old pollen. Katie and Karoline are growing so much that I just am amazed at all they both do. Katie has been going to a Mothers Day out on Fridays and really enjoys it. She also has a new friend- Rocky- her pet rock. She found him outside all by himself and now he lives with us- eats with us, watches tv with us, and even takes a bath with Katie. But I drew the line at sleeping in the bed. She is so funny- this age is just great- she really keeps Kris and I laughing all the time. She has also mastered the computer and her V-smile video game. It is sad when you have to fight with getting on the computer with a three year old!

Karoline has been changing so much. She found her feet this week and has not stopped looking for them since. I have to really watch her because she well lift up and bend herself over in her car seat looking for her feet. She is a very solemn child though. We had her pictures taken this week and not a one of them would she smile in! Each child is different and I certainly believe it. I have a feeling Karoline is going to be the shy, reserved one and Katie our little ham.

Kris is loving the prison. His voice mail on his phone says, "sorry I can't take your call I am in prison right now, but I will get back to you as soon as I get out." I think he has finally found the niche God made him for. He is quite happy doing this and his gerd is not keeping him up a night.

That is all of our news for now. Check out our latest pictures.


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