Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Katy is a preteen!!

How in the world did time pass SO quickly!! My little blue bundle is not on the crux of being a teenager. As she and I went off on her birthday shopping trip, she reminded me that she would be driving in three years. Say it ain't so!

Her birthday wishes for this year...
Shopping trip to the Mall of Georgia (which she said was highly overrated)
Salmon with wild rice for dinner
Cookie Dough for her Birthday Cake.

The Cookie Dough was a major hit with everyone. I will have to do that again. It was eggless and super yummy.

My sweet Katy (who informed the family she wanted to be called Kate now) is a true blessing. She is my right hand and could man the whole crew if she really needed too. She is always quick to help, especially with Josh. I can count on her to be there and fill in the gaps that I miss and she is usually very patient with that ;-)

Over the past few years she has developed a love for fashion, decorating, and makeup. As I write this, she is sleeping on the couch. She has also developed a fear of going to sleep when everyone else is asleep. I don't get that one. I digress... She has amazing drawing abilities and makes the most unique and beautiful note cards and pieces of artwork. God has certainly gifted her with an artsy mind and I am amazed at some of the creations she comes up with. She loves to modify her clothing to make it more "cutting edge" and "cool".

As with any preteen, her attitude is getting more robust. We have our tussles over tightness of jeans and skirt lengths, and makeup- ugh. But we do tend to work through those fairly quickly. (I am keeping it real here).

We are so blessed to have Katy (or Kate) as our daughter. She adds such whit and style to our family. I look forward to many decorating and crafting ventures with her as she grows into a young woman. And I pray the Lord will mellow her out in the teenage years ;).

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Joshie is 2!

Poor, poor, Josh. I never even blogged on his birth! I will get around to that one day, before I forget how he came into this world. But for now, he is TWO!

A little about Joshua Houston Mullis.

He is just plain cute.
Dimples- enough said.
A smile, wave and loud "BYE BYE" for everyone

In the past few months he has become a bit more...
demanding (he wants it NOW)
violent (likes to throw and hit)

He thoroughly enjoys following Jay around and doing whatever big brother is doing (or into).

He is still very sweet and loving. I enjoy the few minutes I get when he wakes up in the morning and insists on sitting with me while he drinks his morning coffee (well- milk). He is a snuggler and a hugger.And I hope he stays that way.

Overall, Joshie, as we call him, is a blessing and a lot of fun, not to mention entertaining.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Klaire is 7!

I am horrible. It has been a few years since I have updated the birthday posts. Sorry children. I do love you. And you did have a birthdays the last two years ;)

Our Klaire Bear is 7. Wow! How did this happen???

Things about Klaire

Athletic- well more monkey like.
Fiery Temper
Sensitive to the Spirit

For Klaire's 7th birthday, we kept it simple. She and I went out shopping and then met Kris for lunch at Zaxby's (or Zabys as Klaire calls it).

Interestingly enough, she did not want cake. She informed me that she DID NOT like cake. So she picked out Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwiches (capitalization is needed for this).

It was a fun day. And she didn't get mad at anyone!

Her sweet sisters got her an EOS and an outfit. They are such sweet girls. She also got some goggles and a new bathing suit, a cool Frozen beach towel, pool toys, a Frozen duffle bag, and a Scooter!

We Love You Klaire!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Karoline's 6th Birthday

The Sweet Karoline has turned 6. She really feels like NOW she has reached big girl status!
We are so proud of her and all she has accomplished this year.  First off, she began Kindergarten this year and is doing very well. She really loves to draw and color and do anything crafty.  Her sweet spirit is always making things for people and wanting to plan parties for those having a birthday .
She has accomplished so much by way of speech this year. She is speaking much clearer and makes a real effort when going to her therapy.  Even Klaire has been asking when is it her turn to go to speech! They all know Karoline has a great time when she is there.
One interesting thing our little princess has developed an interest in... BOYS! She really really likes them a lot. So we are having to reign her in on this front and keep her in check. And she is quick to say that God will pick out her husband, although she has many options right now.
This has been a year of educational growth too, since she started Kindergarten. She is learning to read, enjoys math, and keeps up with her big sister in our KONOS studies. She is a quick learner and is (usually) excited to do schoolwork.
Even though Karoline is my pack-rat, she is also developing a great skill for organizing like her big sister. She moved up in the world and got her own desk recently and has been keeping it so neat and clean! I was beginning to get a bit worried about this in her, but she has proven that she too can keep her special things neat and tidy (I am a bit anal about that).
She is still very much a home body, and likes to stay where Mama stays. Although, she is quite content to play by herself and listen to audiobooks, she wants to know the I am close by. She recently attempted a sleepover at her Grammy and Big Jim's house. It went well, till she talked to her Daddy on the phone, and then she wanted to come home. Since then, she has been attached to home. And that is fine She says when she gets older she will try again.
Each year is so exciting to look back and see how far Karoline has come since I started this blog 6 years ago. She has grown so much in so many areas, and we all look forward to seeing how the Lord will continue to shape and mold her.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Quick Catch Up

For some reason, my updating to the family blog has been quite disappointing. Not only will Jay and Karoline feel neglected in years to come (if I don't post about their birthdays) but I will be missing valuable information to our family life for posterity!

So a quick update on the Mullis Family.

We are expecting baby #6 (we lost #5 in July of 2012) this July! Amazing how we lost our 5th child on July 4th of last year, and this year we are expected another blessing. The Lord has ways of helping us heal.

Kris has finally finished his Doctorate! He is officially Dr. Kris Mullis as of May 18th! He will graduate from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary on that day, and we are so proud of all the hard work he has put into this labor of love (10 years of work).

We have lived in the same house for almost 3 consecutive years! What an accomplishment! Seriously, if you know our history, this is our longest stint to live somewhere, and in the same house. We are thankful for the stability, but are always open to whatever God has for us.

So short and sweet, but that is what we have been up to.


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