Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The parade

Last week was Homecoming for Elba High School. It was also Katy's first time in a parade and boy was she ever excited! The 1st grade at Elba Elementary dressed up like 1950's kids with poodle skirts and rolled up jeans. Katy's favorite part was getting to throw candy. And even though the heat was quite "sweltering" (that was one of their vocabulary words) she did not complain a bit.

Oh, and Elba did rock the socks off Geneva 40-18!

The moon

The night of Homecoming was the same night that Karoline saw the moon for the first time. Shows we don't get out much at night! We have yet to go to a football game with the girls yet. But we go and watch from the top of the hill. For me I want to see the band! So as we were coming home from our mini football game on the hill, Karoline saw the moon. "Moon! Moon!" she yelled out from the back seat of the van.

It reminded Kris and I of Katy's first time seeing the moon. We lived in Williamson at the time and were over in Locust Grove shopping. It was getting dark and the moon was full. As we were driving home, she saw the moon from the back seat. That night, and for weeks after, Katy had to tell the moon goodnight before she went bed.

Oh, the sweet memories.

And the moon pictured above is the view that Karoline saw on Sept. 25th, 2009. Goodnight moon.


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