Friday, September 19, 2008


Sweet Karoline

Just wanted to give an update on our Karoline. Karoline is almost 2 and a ball of fire! If any of you watch the show Reba, then you know her fiery daughter Kyra, well I have feeling that Karoline is going to be a lot like Kyra. Karoline is sweet though and the most loving child. She is very gentle with Klaire and gets upset when Klaire cries. She is little mother in the most literal of sense. I know you aren't suppose to compare, but who doesn't! So the only child I have to compare to is Katie and what is so funny is that all the things Katie wasn't interested in at Karoline's age, Karoline is interested in. For instance, Katie did puzzles (and still does) like crazy from about 1 year on. Karoline has no need for them. Katie never liked dress up or girlie things till she was about 3. Karoline has been prissing around with a purse on her arm since she could walk. Karoline loves dolls and stuffed animals and playing kitchen and doing all the prissy girlie things. I just think it is amazing how different each child can be, yet I didn't truly get it until now. God has made every child so unique and special in their own little sweet and peculiar way. Karoline has certainly shown me that. She keeps up on our toe with all her antics, but I would want her any other way.

Here is Karoline being mama to her baby. Her naked baby at that! What is it with kids taking off baby doll clothes!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Katie's a sparkie!

Here is our new sparkie! She is so excited about AWANA and loves working on her bible verses. She makes sure she has them down before club, and we don't have to reminder her at all!

Katie said a funny today at breakfast that I just had to repeat it. We had biscuits and gravy from Hardees and Kris made some comments about gravy and God- not in the same sentence- and a few seconds passed and Katie said why are you talking about papa. I said,"Do you think papa's God?" She said,"No mom, gravy, papa's name is gravy." Well, my dad's name is Grady, which I had no idea she knew his first name, but I found out that she did. So I had to call my dad and tell him Katie had renamed him to Gravy! Lesson here, kids pick up a whole lot more than you think, and they misinterpret some of it.


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