Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Klaire is 3!

My how quickly the time passes, but little baby Klaire is now three. She was quite decisive on what she wanted for her birthday. When asked, she quickly said a princess bike and a big pooh book. Wow, could it get any easier! So Kris made it happen. She had a great birthday, starting it off at chick-fil-a for breakfast and to play at the playset (which we don't normally do- germs you know) then a quick trip to publix earned her a balloon- how I love publix! To end the day, she had cupcakes at church with her class. All in all she had a great day and one that was just about her!

Speaking of all about her....

At two she became funnier, friendlier, and more stubborn.
She likes to give hugs, dance around, and annoy her sisters.
Klaire says things like, "love you too", "no way!", and "no I not!!!"
Here favorite things are her bunny (who is cleverly named bunny), blocks, and her sisters toys- especially the ones they are presently playing with.

She is a ton of fun and ball of fire and we thank God for such an amazing child He has entrusted to us.

Big Jay

Well he was on the small side at first, but my has he grown. We call he affectionately the Chucky Monkey, along with Jay Bird, Bub, Bubba, Buddy, JJ and handsome.

Here are a few milestones he has hit at 6 months
- first teeth and now he has two bottom teeth!
- sitting up unsupported
- razzing, which the girls love to join in with
-flirting, boy do they learn it young

He is such a happy baby and really easy. I prayed for God to give me a mellow baby and he is quite mellow. He is very sweet and has such a sweet smile. What a joy he is and so much fun for everyone- especially his sisters! They can't get enough of him!


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