Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Katy is a preteen!!

How in the world did time pass SO quickly!! My little blue bundle is not on the crux of being a teenager. As she and I went off on her birthday shopping trip, she reminded me that she would be driving in three years. Say it ain't so!

Her birthday wishes for this year...
Shopping trip to the Mall of Georgia (which she said was highly overrated)
Salmon with wild rice for dinner
Cookie Dough for her Birthday Cake.

The Cookie Dough was a major hit with everyone. I will have to do that again. It was eggless and super yummy.

My sweet Katy (who informed the family she wanted to be called Kate now) is a true blessing. She is my right hand and could man the whole crew if she really needed too. She is always quick to help, especially with Josh. I can count on her to be there and fill in the gaps that I miss and she is usually very patient with that ;-)

Over the past few years she has developed a love for fashion, decorating, and makeup. As I write this, she is sleeping on the couch. She has also developed a fear of going to sleep when everyone else is asleep. I don't get that one. I digress... She has amazing drawing abilities and makes the most unique and beautiful note cards and pieces of artwork. God has certainly gifted her with an artsy mind and I am amazed at some of the creations she comes up with. She loves to modify her clothing to make it more "cutting edge" and "cool".

As with any preteen, her attitude is getting more robust. We have our tussles over tightness of jeans and skirt lengths, and makeup- ugh. But we do tend to work through those fairly quickly. (I am keeping it real here).

We are so blessed to have Katy (or Kate) as our daughter. She adds such whit and style to our family. I look forward to many decorating and crafting ventures with her as she grows into a young woman. And I pray the Lord will mellow her out in the teenage years ;).

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