Sunday, June 10, 2007

On the road again

Moving on- again!! Well only about four miles down the road that is. We will be closing on a house the end of this month- Lord willing- and we are all excited. Our home inspection went well, so we shall see, but here is a picture along with some new ones of the girls.

So, here's the story of the house for all who want to read a bit...
We are renting from a man who is a great Christian man and former VP of Promise Keeper and now is running a men speaking ministry where he sets up pretty big Christian conferences for men. Well, with all of that work, he is trying to sell of his rental properties. He had a few come open that we looked at but they just wouldn't work for our family- until- the 711 house come up (that is the address) and it is perfect- perfect price, perfect size, perfect neighborhood. We are thrilled. We really expected to be renting for another year (and our rental is small- Kris says he has to go outside to change his mind), but as providence will have it - Lord willing I say- we will be in the house the end of June- AMAZING!

The girls are doing great. Katie is having lots of fun learning to swim, well, sometimes she has lots of fun sometimes she gets upset, but she says she's having fun. Nothing like a stranger to take you and dunk you under the water several times to ruin your day! But she is doing well considering. Karoline is moving all over. She has quite a humerous scoot that moves her anywhere pretty fast. We expect her to be crawling soon. She can get up on her arms good and get her butt in the air, just not at the same time. She is sitting up unsupported for the most part and loves to grab a handful of hair- I am seriously thinking of going back to the pixie cut.

That all of now folks!

This is Karoline with my dad when we visited him in Florida. He now has two little bulldog girls.

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