Saturday, November 15, 2008

A princess and little monster

Thought I would share our Halloween pics. Katie was a pink princess, she was quite excited although this picture does not show it at all, looks more like we were dragging her out to trunk or treat! Karoline was Elmo, one of her many favorite characters, and quite fitting for her since she can be a little monster at times. Klaire went as herself and slept the whole time. We were in AL and visiting Kris' home church- FBC Level Plains- so we did their trunk or treat.Lots of fun and luckily we had to leave before the trunk or treat started, so we missed all the candy! Yes, they did get some candy, but not the bucket full that they didn't need.

The month of October ended with us visiting Kris' parents in Alabama and then turning around and spending the next week in FL with my dad. We have been home a week and have spent that week battling a "family" cold. It is so nice to share germs with your family. Well, Lord willing, we will all be healthy to head back to FL for Thanksgiving at the end of the month.

And NEWSFLASH- KATIE MULLIS LOST HER FIRST TOOTH!!!!! We are so proud of her. She wanted Kris to tie a string to it and do the old door slamming routine, but I opted out of that for her, and she ended up pulling it herself. The tooth fairy visited and left $2- that is the going rate in our family- and a puzzle. But the tooth fairy was quite clear that gifts were extra special and only for the first tooth and not to be expected here on out. She is quite cute with her missing tooth and we are expecting another tooth launching in the near future.

We wish you all a happy thanksgiving and don't forget to count your many blessings, for we all have many.

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