Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Katie's a sparkie!

Here is our new sparkie! She is so excited about AWANA and loves working on her bible verses. She makes sure she has them down before club, and we don't have to reminder her at all!

Katie said a funny today at breakfast that I just had to repeat it. We had biscuits and gravy from Hardees and Kris made some comments about gravy and God- not in the same sentence- and a few seconds passed and Katie said why are you talking about papa. I said,"Do you think papa's God?" She said,"No mom, gravy, papa's name is gravy." Well, my dad's name is Grady, which I had no idea she knew his first name, but I found out that she did. So I had to call my dad and tell him Katie had renamed him to Gravy! Lesson here, kids pick up a whole lot more than you think, and they misinterpret some of it.

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