Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Aren't books great

We have always been big readers. Kris and I both love books- you should see his office at church it is amazing! As the experts say, "Read to your children from birth". Well we have and still do. Here is a little progression of our girls with books. The top picture is Katie (the date is wrong on that picture- she wasn't even born in 4/2003) at around 2 looking at her Baby Bug magazine, which I must say are great little publications (a great gift from her Mimi and Papa) and the bottom picture is Karoline with her favs- The Berinstain Bears. I can't wait till I have one of Klaire with a book. And now that Katie is reading, she will read to Karoline as they lay in bed at night. She has even started getting up in the morning and reading her "little" bible, which really warms our hearts at how she is realizing the importance of reading God's word (even the kiddie word). So... read, read, read, to your kids. I don't know how they will turn out, but I have a feeling they are going to have a real enjoyment for the written word.

Aren't books great!

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  1. What sweet pictures! You make a great point about books. My hubby knows to not take me in a book store or library if we only have a few minutes to kill! LOL



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