Monday, May 11, 2009

Well, I have been keeping Kris busy with my forever long "honey do" list. He has been a good sport about it all, as I find this that needs fixing and that that needs hanging. I am so glad I married a handy man! He can do just about anything, and preaches really good too (but I am biased).

So we packed up the kids this past weekend and took them to Lowe's for this build and grow craft for kids. Katie and Karoline had a blast, each getting their own hammers and kits, they really thought they were super special. Lord willing, the seeds we planted will grow, but I have a really bad feeling about it

As you can tell, not only do I have two in diapers but two in paccies as well. It is really quite comical when Klaire picks up Karoline's paccie for a taste, for Klaire is always eyeing Karoline's. But Karoline being the germaphobe, will have nothing to do with it, she demands that it be cleaned before she will even touch it, much less use it! Might be a good tactic to use in breaking her of it you know. We are working on that one.

Thought I would share our neighbors with you. Aren't they bold! The blasted things!! Stealing from our bird house like that. I even have a squirrel feeder for them, you think that would be enough, but noooo, they have to steal from the bird house too. Well, I got a fix for them, and no it will cause them no harm, they are cute anyways.
And the bubbles. What would we do without bubbles! They keep our kids occupied for several minutes at a time. Katie and Karoline have really been enjoying our new back yard with all its room and trees. Just have to keep the mosquitoes off of them. Oh and watch out for snakes. Our neighbors on each side have killed rattle snacks, so I guess we need to kill us one just to keep up.

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