Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hit the Ground Running!

Boy, January hasn't wasted anytime in keeping us busy. Our family has gotten our first taste of kids and sports. Katy joined Upward cheerleading and is having a blast. Pictured above is Katy and her friend Grace at their first game. They are all so cute!

Our good friends from Georgia came down to visit us this past weekend. And boy did we have a good time. They are always so fun! Not to mention we have the same number of children all within a few months of each other, so playmates work out perfectly.  Karoline has a new friend- Corrianne- although Karoline refuses to call her by her name and prefers to use "my new friend". They hit it off fabulously! They were even caught on Karoline's bed sharing Katy's sucker- how sweet of them to share :)

Katy had her old buddy Cade to hang out with. She misses him so much so any visit with Cade is like Christmas all over again. He is such a good sport, and plays her girly games even though I know he would rather be doing something else :)

Karoline has deveoloped quite an attachment to Frosty the Snowman this winter. He was a good enough sport to dress up like Sleeping Beaty. He might have been a better Snow White though.

And then a little fun with the two little sisters. They have found a way to get themselves into a lot of trouble together. Here they decided to see how fast they could rock the recliner. Not to mention their various climbing adventures them embark upon. These two keep us hopping!

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