Saturday, January 9, 2010

A look at last year

Wow! It seems like I have just not had the time to get anything posted in the last several weeks. December is always so busy, but the time it takes to sit down to blog and download pictures has just not been in my "schedule" (for more on my schedule see my blog-well maybe check it next week).

So here is a look at last year in pictures

Happy New Year!

Started 2009 in Ga but didn't take long to get to sweet home Alabama

You know Easter pictures...

This speaks for itself

The paccy girls, but in 2009 Karoline gave up her paccy, well I cut it and she wouldn't have it, so it was a more of a forced depaccification.

Learned to feed the dogs- mainly Katy

and sort our colors
discovered our backyard and what lives in it

Found out that wasps bite

And what fun sparklers can be

Hanging out with Rachel

 A fun forth of July

Had a birthday

And then another

Katy was baptized

And started public school

Klaire began her climbing adventures, which have gotten her in lots of trouble and many bumps and bruises

 Carved some pumpkins
(which Karoline would not touch)

And enjoyed Papa's big backyard at Thanksgiving.

And had another birthday!

Part 2 to follow with more Christmas pictures

What a great year we in 2009. Looking forward to all the God has in store for us in 2010!

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