Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A few milestones

We will start at the bottom and work up


Has started to rolling over and over and over till he gets off his play mat. He is laughing and likes being tickled. And he is "sooooo cute!!!!" This is Katy's phrase and now Karoline has joined in the sweet but rather annoying description of their precious brother.


Learned "shut up" today. We do not allow that word in the house, so I don't know where she got it from. Unfortunately Klaire is one who thinks it is funny to say something she is not suppose to say. A few other milesstones for Klaire- rolling her eyes, pointing her finger and saying "no", putting her hands on her hips with one foot out as she defends herself. She is going to be a mess. I am afraid what she might say when she gets her language in full swing!


Still living up to her name.  She has decided she wants to be a mommy when she grows up and wants a mommy birthday party (in December mind you- that gives me some time). Don't know how I am going to pull that one off.


My big helper and considers herself to be third in command. She has finished her schoolwork for the year, so now we can do more science! She loves science and math- I assume the lefty coming out in her. She has done very well this year- all A's. She reads everything she gets her hands on, and I must be careful because she got ahold of the homeschool magazine and it says that she could begin learning Latin this year. Needless to say she want to learn Latin. I really wish Kris would have taken languages in seminary.

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