Thursday, October 13, 2011

Katy is 8!!

 This is a bit dated because I wrote it back when Katy turned 8, which was in July. I am very lax in getting it posted!

Katy informed me that she is now a "tween." A what? Run that by me again. She evidently saw it in our Focus on the Family magazine- so from now till 12 she is a "tween" and quite proud of it! Leave it to Katy to be politically correct :)  

My how Katy has blossomed this year. She has always been such a sweet child, but this year he mothering side has truly grown. She is a huge help to me around the house doing chores that help to keep the house running. She has learned to do a bit of cooking, laundry, and house cleaning. Now, don't get me wrong, she is not always thrilled to do them, but for the most part she is willing. Her favorite thing to do around the house is to organize and schedule! She had made more of the Maxwell's schedules than I can count. That will definitely come in handy years to come.

She has developed an interest in the Little House series of book and has is almost finished with them. She devours books- making goals to read chapter books in one day and usually she meets those goals! She has done so well this year past in 2nd grade, making all A's, which was another one of her goals. She is joy to teach and always has thought provoking questions that get me thinking.

Katy's favorites...
- webkinz
- The Payday game
- Planning events
- Organizing the house (which gets her into trouble at times)
- Reading, reading, reading
- Learning new crafts- sewing, knitting, crosstitch to name a few

What a great and joyous year as she grows more and more into a little lady. I am excited to see how the Lord continues to shape and mold her. She is such a blessing to us!

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