Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Milestones

These past few weeks have been really exciting as Karoline has been changing. She has mastered rolling over and is hillarious to watch as she does it. She also has begun cereal, and although she makes a horrid face when she eats, she does get it down. Next week we will start some tasty food. She has also graduated up to the saucer. We have had her in the bumbo seat, but she literally tries to flip herself out of it, so I got the saucer out and she really likes it.

Katie is being a great big sister, always wanting to help. She even has fed her a little, but thinks Karoline is really gross when she eats so she tries to stay away from her. We signed Katie up for swimming lessons that will start the beginning of May, so she is thrilled.

Hope you all enjoy our latest pictures of the girls.

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