Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Girls

Since our move, our lives have drastically changed, but for the better. Karoline is such a sweet baby and has a good temperament. I get plenty of sleep at night and time to spend with Katie one on one. I must say it takes a little planning to spend good quality time with Katie. We do "school work" and she is able to spell and write her name along with other letters and numbers, although we haven't mastered them all yet. Friday she goes to FBC Madison for mothers morning out and if she has a good day we bake chocolate chip cookies (finally found a good chewy cookie recipe) and have recently added finger nail painting day to our Friday agenda- although Katie would prefer to get her nails done at walmart, where she told Kris she wanted a pedicure :).

Karoline just this week began rolling over (back to belly) and found her feet. It is just so amazing how God gave these little ones the ability to change so quickly and learn new things so they can become "big kids" as Katie calls them. Every time Karoline or Katie does something new it just thrills me to now end and I love it and love being a mom- it is the best job in the world! I just thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to have such wonderful kids and an awesome husband. Life is good. Enough of me blabbing- here are some more pics of the girls to keep you up to date.

And Ema- Katie says hello and loves your pictures on your mommy's blog!

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