Friday, August 3, 2007

Katie is 4

The month of July was lots of fun and lots of work. Starting with the fun, Katie had her fourth birthday and says it was her "funist" birthday yet. Poor thing was sick on her party day, but she still wanted cake, ice cream and birthday presents.

On her actual birth- day we took her to a place called Libby Lu and she had a Libby Du which made her into Hannah Montana. She had a blast. Got her hair and make up done. Wish they had one of those when I was a kid!

We also got what Kris like to call the "ghetto" pool. It is really great though! Katie has loved it and so has Karoline. And yes, Kris and I like to swim in the three feet of water too. It sure helps with the HOT Mississippi summer.

Karoline has really been moving around this last month. Around the middle of July she started crawling and know you can't keep her out of ANYTHING!! She especially like Katie's toys and being right where Katie is at. She has started clapping too, which is so cute. They grow up so fast.

Please pray for us, I will start homeschooling Katie this month. We are both excited to begin. She is a quick learner, just a bit stubborn now and then, don't know where she gets that from- certainly not me. She is also going to start dance class and she can't wait.

And for the work, well you know how it is unpacking. Thank the Lord it is pretty much done and I can actually get the van in the garage! Kris has been working hard to get everything put up and together. Now we being all the honey do's, which I know he is so looking forward to.

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  1. Shana---It is so great seeing all the pictures! Katie is sure growing into a young lady. Karoline is adorable and not a baby anymore!!! All is going good here, we're still looking for a pastor, but getting close.About 25 of the ladies attented Women of Faith this month. It was simply awesome! We heard Beth Moore on Friday and Sandi Patti on Saturday with all the regulars. Great!! Just great! I hope you do well with home is so much better for the children. You cut out all the garbage learning they do in public school! Travis, my #2 son, finally received his Masters in Internet Technology this May and I am so proud of him!
    Blake, the #1 son, is still living with me and dating a woman who seems very nice and goodd for him. We have yet to see if it will last. So far its been almost three months.....which is good for him. The Lord will provide! We all miss you both here!! It would be wonderful to see you again. I'll try to keep in touch. Mary



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