Thursday, September 20, 2007

You know kids just say the funniest things. Here are two that Katie has just wowed us with today- just today- that doesn't count all the other times she has about made us pee our pants. Well, as usually with any conversation these days, Katie puts her input in and explains how she knows everything about whatever the subject. Well today as Kris and I were talking she told us that she knew everything just like God! Well, Kris proceeded to give her a long diatribe about how she was not God and did know the number of stars in the sky or the hairs on her head, and finally got her to admit that she did not know as much as God. Then tonight as Kris was putting her to bed- she and Kris got into an extensive argument over where the Old and New Testament were. Now Kris tried to wow her with his degrees and even got out another bible (she reads the picture bible) to show her the word OLD and NEW testaments in attempts to convince her. Neither worked and she still insisted- by saying okay dad be quiet, let me talk, now this is the New Testament (pointing to the front half of the bible) and this is the Old Testament (point to the back). So... Katie knows everything- in her own mind. Boy to look forward to those teenage years. Well, that is the joy of children and blessings that come with them. Please pray for us as we continue in our challenge of convincing Katie that she doesn't know everything.

Karoline on the other hand, can't tell us that yet, but I am sure she is not far behind her sister. She is very very mobile and on Katie's heels most of the time. She is getting quite a temper also and isn't as willing to let Katie take toys from her anymore and is getting more likely to take them from Katie. She has cut some teeth and has boycotted jarred baby food, so I am now on the "make it yourself" baby food kick, which is actually more healthy anyways. She is so different from Katie and that really amazes me. I never had to put locks on cabinets or really baby proof outlets and such. Not with Karoline, the outlets are the first things she goes for and she loves the oven!! Boy, it is so true about every child being different.

But life is good and God is always good to us.

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