Monday, August 4, 2008

Katie's Doings

Katie had a busy and fun summer. When we got to Papa's house in FL she started swimming lessons and did a great job. A few days a week she would go to Ms. Brenda's as we call it (our friends daycare) and she would have some time with kids her age and older. She had some firsts at Ms. Brenda's- she went bowling, skating and got to go to the movies without mom and dad.

Katie celebrated her 5th birthday in July and with all that had been going on with Klaire we had a spur of the moment party and her good buddy Cade, from Georgia came down to help her celebrate. That in and of itself was the best present she could have had- she loves Cade! And he was such a good sport, wearing a princess crown for her party.

Well after much prayer- Kris and I have decided that homeschooling is what we are going to attempt this year with Katie. I have always felt convicted to homeschool since before Kris and I were married. I had figured that with Klaire being born so close to beginning Kindergarten that we should just put her in school, but a few months back I just felt that we needed to go forward with the homeschooling. And so that is what we shall do. Please to pray for us as I want this to be a positive experience for all of us. I am currently looking for a homeschool group in our area and have found a few. We already have all the curriculum, so now I am waiting for the first of September to go full speed ahead with it (hopefully that will give me time to get the house in order). I am very excited, although I think Katie is a little disappointed that she will not being going to "big" school as she calls it. But a five year old doesn't get to make educational decisions :). We will keep you posted on how it all fares.

Thought I would share that Katie does memorize more than TV slogan. We had started memorizing Psalm 23 about a year ago and she still can remember it. I think memorizing scripture for children is so important- it will not return void in the years to come. Katie will be starting AWANA soon and that will add to the scripture she has already hidden in her heart.

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