Saturday, September 13, 2008

School Time

Well, after all the hemming and hawing- we are doing it- homescholing that is. We started with Katie last year doing preschool stuff and beginning reading. But now we are full steam ahead into homeschooling and I must say, it is going rather well considering a newborn and a 20 month old in the mix. Katie is doing well and enjoys it for the most part. Our day consists of bible memory time, phonics, handwriting, math and once or twice a week science. History is done by reading books at this point- it is amazing how much history you can get from picking out the right books at the library- not to mention American girls are great for a history lesson. She is also going to AWANA and is an offical Sparky and quite proud of it! She loves going and memorizing scripture. It warms my heart to hear her recite God's word. She also goes to children's choir on Monday afternoon at FBC Jesup where we are attending. So all is starting off well. Please continue to keep us in prayers- as tempers do rise at times when trying to teach and learn.

As a side note- GO McCAIN/PALIN!

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