Monday, December 22, 2008

Karoline is Two!! Woo-hoo

Our little Karoline is two! She had a wild birthday week- yes week. In our house birthday's last all week long- lots of cake and lots of celebrating. So we started her birthday week in FL at my dad's house (papa)- her bday was on SUnday the 14th and Kris was preaching at my dad's church- The Vineyard. Now I know most would disapprove of this- but instead of breakfast we had birthday cake and ice cream! Now the reason why is becuase there was going to be no time for a party that day seeing that we had to be back home in time for Katie's Christmas Musical at church! Crazy day- I don't like crazy days.

Well party two came on Thursday with Grammy and Big Jim (Kris' parents). Grammy helped me make my first attempt at making a decorated cake. I would say it turned out really well! But my hands were died red for a few days. So we had here Elmo party and present unwrapping and lots of tears because the five year old wanted to play with everything the two year just got. Any advice on that- I am open to suggestions on dealing with gift sharing??? But all in all the party week was great. Lots of sugar and lots of baby dolls!

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  1. Shana,
    I do hope that you, Kris and the girls have a wonderful Christmas. Give the girls hugs and kisses! I would love to see you all.
    Love to all,



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