Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Christmas Doings

We have really been having sugar overload around here and more cookie baking to be done today! I just love sweets and so that is being passed on to my girls! We made and decorated some sugar cookies and then undertook the arduous task of making a gingerbread house. Our house has roof problems and we had to do some structural engineering to keep it from collapsing. But amazingly enough it is still standing! But I wouldn't advise every eating one of these- the frosting is gross and the gingerbread is even worse! Maybe next year I will think about baking one (probably just think about it and then buy another kit :)

Our sweet little Klaire helping celebrate Karoline's bday!

The Secret Life of Wise Men

Did you know that the wise men live under Klaire's exersaucer and when they aren't bringing gifts to the Baby Jesus they are having tea and crumpets with the barbies.

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