Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Klaire is One!!

Our little Klaire Austine is now a whole year old! It is amazing how time moves so rapidly. She has come so far since July 6th, 2008. God has been so gracious to us in dealing with her anal stenosis. She is doing really well handling it all and is eating well. She is pint sized though, but the loudest of the girls. Anyone who has been around her during meal time knows that she has a scream that can make your brain hurt- literally! It is funny how God gives the littlest ones such big voices. I can see her being a opera singer one day!

She is such a blessing, as all our girls are. Her little personality is beginning to show and she is a feisty, playful child. We just can't wait to see who she will become. Our prayer for her is to know the Lord at a young age, serve God in whatever way possible, and marry a Godly young man.

Children truly are a blessing from the Lord.

Here is where is all began.


  1. Shana,
    She is simply gorgeous as are your other children! We need to get all our precious little ones together to play sometime. If she has a scream like that then she and our little "Cornbread" already have a lot in common. I thought he was the king but it sounds like there is a queen! Ha, ha the other day he literally had the cook at Dairy Queen come out to stare. What was that guy's problem anyway? The boy was just happy!
    Enjoy your family. You are abundantly blessed! Love ya!

  2. Mama,

    I am so glad to hear there are other screamers out there! I am not alone! When we eat at church on Wednesday night she screams just about the whole time. Folks are beginning to get use to it though. I know she won't be screaming forever- at least I hope not!!
    Would love to get our crews together and play- lots of fun I am sure of!



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