Sunday, August 15, 2010

New news

Well, for anyone following this blog, you know we have moved a bit.

And we have moved again. But we have actually moved back to someplace. When I began our blog, almost 4 years ago we had just moved to Mississippi and Kris was beginning a new ministry as a chaplain with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. We moved from just south of Atlanta, a place we dearly dearly loved. Wonderful people, great friends, beautiful area. Well, the Lord opened a door for Kris to return to the Bureau at the ATL Penitentiary (but it is not a pen anymore, although they still call it that). We are living just 15 minutes away from the church he pastored when we began our blogging journey. Seems like we have come full circle, back to "home".

More news, and even more interesting than our move is that we found out what we will be having in Dec/Jan.

Hard to believe it- but yes- we are having a little boy.  We plan on naming him after our fathers and calling him Jay or J.W. not sure yet.  So we are breaking the "K" mold and probably need to change our blog name!  Any suggestions?

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