Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Klaire is 2!

Our tiny little Klaire is now 2. How she has grown and how far she has come since her rough start back in 2008.

We had a family party on the 4th with strawberry pudding as her "cake". Today we had a special dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, which she didn't eat any of, but she enjoyed the garlic bread.

To give a quick description of Klaire

- tiny but tough
- sweet yet stubborn
- independent and loving
- silly yet somber

You really have to know Klaire to get the full effect of her personality. She smiles never for a strangers or acquaintances, although she will give a wave.  To an outsider, you would think she is a mean little bulldog. But those of us who know her so well,  know how hilarious she is, how sweet hearted and loving she is, and what a blessing she is to our lives. She only shares the best of herself with those she loves and it is an honor when she loves you.

To our sweet, hard headed Klaire bear.  We love you :)

Our New K
Klaire is One

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