Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Karoline is 5

Sweet Karoline is 5 today. Wow, I really can't believe it has been five years since God gave her to us. She continues to live up to her name and is a sweet little lady. And she is all little lady too. Karoline is by far the "girlieist" of our girls. She loves anything pink and would chose a dress or twirly skirt over jeans any day. She has recently gotten into the "gross" mode. For instance, if she enters the bathroom that has a peculiar smell she will dance a bit of a jig and let the house know how stinky the bathroom is. And then ask if some of Katy's spray can be sprayed in it to make is smell nicer. She also has a very low tolerance for anything that appears to be "gross" i.e vomit, spit up, dog messes, or anything sticky left on the kitchen table. When I say low tolerance, I mean very low, to the point of her beginning dry heaves.

Yes, we all love our sweet Karoline. She is very compassionate, and will quickly go out of her way for her sisters (on most occasions). She is very sharing and expects it in return. But the thing I love the most about her is the way she loves to tell others she loves them. I hear it from her several times a day and for no apparent reason either.

But I am making a prediction- she will be high maintenance to whoever God has picked out for her husband.

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