Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Karoline is 4!

Our little Mississippi Hippie is four today!  It is hard to believe that four years ago this blog started with a move to Mississippi and the birth of Sweet Karoline. After four years with our little princess cowgirl, it is amazing how much you can learn from a child.

Karoline indeed lives up to her name. She is a sweet Karoline and is the first to quickly give hugs and tell you she loves you. She has reminded me daily to be quick to say I love you. As Karoline has began her transformation into little girlhood, she has picked up on all the proper etiquette any Southern belle should live by.  All tea parties come by invitation. You must know how to properly set a table. Welcoming all guest, either alive or stuffed, is of utmost importance. Oh, yes, and when all else fails when dealing with sisters, hit, bite or pull hair, whatever is necessary to get the job done. And then after being accused of a crime, run and hide under the nearest quilt and pretend to not be around. And a true Southern belle always, always, always, pulls the tears card.  She is the sweetest thing though. Sweet as a spring day, but watch out, she can get you if she has to!

We adore our little Karoline and can't wait to see how her personality will develop in the coming years. Not to make light of her not so perfect qualities, as mentioned above, she truly is loving and caring. She has amazed me at her ability to anticipate peoples needs and show such compassion when it is needed the most. She is such a blessing to all of us and we are so thankful God has given us 4 wonderful years with our Karoline Brooklyn.

Happy Birthday!

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